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We manage your business

Do you or your company own or let a property or residential complex and have no desire or are not in a position to assume full responsibility for safeguarding your financial interests? Or are you looking for new management? SIEPERT IPM can manage your/your company’s business.

Business management focuses on fully safeguarding owner rights and interests. As a business manager, our aim is always to achieve the financial goals set by our clients. We therefore

  • monitor the services of your contractual partners (e.g. property management)
  • handle real estate financing with the relevant banks
  • deal with all matters relating to public buildings and offices
  • hire/cooperate with experienced legal and tax representatives
  • represent owners in proceedings both in and out of court
  • process payments and manage company assets

As business manager, SIEPERT IPM compiles an annual business report and is involved in preparing the annual accounts.

Based on a partnership agreement, SIEPERT IPM manages internal and external company affairs.

If a shareholders’ meeting is pending, SIEPERT IPM will convene such a meeting and ensure it is effectively carried out and the necessary resolutions are made.

The vision for your success – the services of SIEPERT IPM

We see the trust invested in us as both an obligation and an incentive for everything we do. Our top priority is lasting success for our clients.

SIEPERT IPM also goes beyond daily business to pursue your financial goals:

  • carrying out a regular status analysis with regard to potential for improvement
  • continuously optimising revenue
  • managing and optimizing expenses
  • monitoring maintenance
  • negotiating with a view to extending property financing
  • creating and effectively implementing a sound basis for making decisions on profitable investments

In doing so, SIEPERT IPM cooperates closely with other contractors. Be it lawyers, tax consultants, auditors or architects, civil engineers or property managers – all project partners are involved in realising your objectives and driving results with a view to success.

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